Wednesday, April 08, 2009


The reason one of my tags is called "travaille" is because the word is much prettier in French. It means ... work.

Qui travaille tout le temps?


The world of film is, by its very nature, full of fluctuations. I find that in this business, particularly in post-production, work can seem quite seasonal. I've always been busy in the summer, less busy in the fall/winter. It seems like that's the cycle of visual effects.

Since it's becoming summer (rapidly here in California), it's only natural that the work is also ramping up. How busy? This busy:

Yesterday, 4/7:
7:45 left my house
8:45 got to work
1:00 lunch
1:30 back to work
6:00 left, feeling not-so-good
8:00 back to work
2:30 (a.m.) sent my last e-mail

8:30 left my house (yes, late!)
9:20 got to work
no lunch-- run, run, run
11:30 current time ... still here...

Tired. I miss having time for ... life.