Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Top Model: Elimination #9

Oh ... this terrible, terrible episode!

Right up front: Fo went home. I will miss that crazy little girl, she was sweet (if a little overly-teary) and cute. She's only 5'8" and I guess not very proportional, so with those excuses, the judges kicked her out. Sad.

Since today is the day that the show actually aired (I watched T.V. while working today), I have no photos. I don't regret it, because the photoshoot was lame. Brazil. Beach. Bikinis. Yawn.

Tyra's little clips that play before the judging starts ("Once upon a time, there was...") are completely stupid.

Teyona irritates the crap out of me. Her screeching makes me want to pull out her awful extensions.

Aminat and her inability to press her lips together- ugh.

Allison got SO CLOSE to closing her mouth ... but ended up looking a little rabbity, I think.

Celia completely psyched herself out and her photo was just meh. I think Tyra picked it intentionally so Celia would be in the bottom two. Celia needs to be in the bottom two this week so she can be kicked off next week, after all. *sigh*

I'm tired and cranky, so not a good night for me to be writing about this.

Side note-- watching "The Graham Norton Show," and Gillian Anderson is on. She's apparently on a BBC show, and she's adopted a hint of a British accent. It's so weird to hear Scully speaking in that posh little tone.