Sunday, April 05, 2009


I've decided to start posting entries titled "blurb," with just quick things that aren't worth an entire post by themselves. Things that percolate in my little brain and I want to just get out.

● "Fast & Furious," the fourth (FOURTH!) installment in a franchise with titles that get dumber and dumber, made an estimated $30 million on Friday alone. I can't believe this. This is why I've worked on so many sequels in my career.

● Anne Hathaway is supposedly starring as Judy Garland in a Broadway show and a movie. Miss Hathaway can sing and dance, sure, but I'm not totally sold. I'll wait to see what the buzz is all about.

● "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" was leaked online. I think it was the preview screening version, which is what the public sees at the first screening of a movie. In my experience, screening versions are not at all indicative of what the final product will be. Based on the screening comments, scenes are shuffled, dialogue is changed, and re-shoots occur. Let's not be too hasty in judging it just yet.

● North Korea, why?? Why the clear breaking of idiot-proof rules?? Can you PLEASE just leave the world in peace?? If you're going to be a miserable dictatorship, do it in your own house. Stop encroaching on other peoples' territories!!

● "Terroir" (떼루아) was pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of Han Hye-Jin (한 혜진) or Yoo Sun (유선) or Ki Tae-Young (기태영), but I loved Kim Joo-Hyuk (김주혁), who made the drama for me. A short description of it would be "Coffee Prince" with wine and maturity, but it was different enough and interesting enough to hold my attention (at least for the last few episodes).

● "Temptation of Wife" (아내의 유혹) is stupid and overly melodramatic (I know, didn't think Korean dramas could get OVERLY melodramatic, but there it is).

● Sunday night Korean TV is my new favorite thing.

● I find it hilarious that Sacha Baron Cohen's "Bruno" received a preliminary NC-17 rating by the MPAA, because that was absolutely the best PR that the movie could have ever hoped to receive. That DVD is going to be spectacularly lewd and crude.

● "Spider-Man 4," part of the Sony franchise, has a release date: May 6, 2011. I'll have the inside scoop for the duration of my job at Sony. Not so excited about Spiderman, but I'm curious about the villian(s). I wish Kirsten Dunst's character would be in exile / killed off / lose the power of speech...

It was a long day at work today, more so because my Saturday-addled mind refused to get with the program. I'm excited for Easter weekend next week, when I get a long weekend of much-desired r&r (minus whatever time it takes me to do my stupid taxes).