Saturday, April 11, 2009

Top Model: Cycle 12 Re-Cap

The ridiculous episode that Tyra likes to throw in every season to remind all the viewers about what's happened in the cycle so far pisses me off. Can't they even try to put something new in it to make it worth it??

Okay, so this episode wasn't completely pointless. It did clear some stuff up:

- I didn't understand why Celia received the key to the apartment, therefore the right to choose the first bed. They had an unseen challenge- sort of a trivia quiz / scavenger hunt in New York (how many eagles are on the Chrysler Building? How many bridges are in Manhattan?) and Celia won (of course- Allison was all "which one's the Chrysler building?").

- They showed the prize won by one of the CoverGirl challenges (take a woman off the street and sell her on CoverGirl products), a photoshoot for L.E.I.


- I really like Teyona in her confessionals and at panel, but she is SO GHETTO in the house.

- Sandra reiterated once again why she is a loony idiot with a completely improper grasp of English. They threw together a montage of Sandra saying "I'm here for one thing. I'm here to be America's Next Top Model" about forty times. Dumbfounding.

Sandra crying when Toccara came to visit ... "I was picked on when I was younger," and a bursting into tears? Really? You are the meanest, most inconsiderate girl in the house. Suck it up.

When she got kicked out, she said, "I'm going to miss being around the girls, even though I never talked to them." Then WHY are you going to miss them?? Illogical.

- I love that McKey bakes. Bakes cakes that look like they're frosted with about fourteen pounds of chocolate.

My current favorites:

London. Nigel said it best- things are coming up pear-shaped. London's gaining some weight and she knows it (she won a challenge and $5,000 worth of Joe's Jeans, which she gave away because she couldn't fit in them). I hope she works it out, because she's fun and spunky.

Fo apparently cries ALL THE TIME. Which I don't hold against her, since I'm on the tearful side. But I didn't apply to be on a quasi-reality show, so ... I still get to make fun of her about it. Oh, Fo! She even says "I promised I wouldn't cry. I promised!" WHILE she's crying.

Still love her, she's adorable, but my, the tears!

Celia- she's 25, but it seems to be giving her an edge, because she's able to take things in stride and adapt more than the other girls.

I still think she's a bit scary-looking, but photographs really well and has a great personality.

"I'm in love with Celia. I'm so in awe of her sometimes." Allison cracks me up.

She said in the first or second episode that she finds nosebleeds beautiful, and she like to draw pictures of women with nosebleeds. I don't really find it creepy, I think it's funny and kooky, and she's just adorable.

Ciara is guesting on next week's episode. No idea what for.