Monday, April 06, 2009


● "Project Runway" is moving over to Lifetime. Season's done shooting, so the aesthetic should remain as it was ... but Bravo was a perfect fit. Lifetime, to me, means cheese-tastical romantic comedies and heartstring-tugging dramedies about women on their deathbed. NOT cutting edge fashion.

● "Fast & Furious" cleaned up at the box office last weekend, making more than $70 million. It holds the record for the biggest opening for any April movie. What. the. heck.

● A roundtrip plane ticket to Korea is less than $700 lately. I feel as though I should go to Korea for a haircut and a leisurely lunch.

● Actor Kal Penn, Kumar of "Harold and Kumar" and Kutner from "House," has quit his job (just when "House" was getting so good again!) and is moving to go work at THE WHITE HOUSE. Bizarre. He's set to be the associate director in the Office of Public Liaison & Intergovernmental Affairs. Words. They fail me.

● I have more than 90 hours of TV on my DVR.

● Today is Stan Winston's birthday. He is one of the big figures in special and visual effects, and his studio (Stan Winston Digital) was somewhere I wanted to work. He died last year of multiple myeloma. This is the first year his family has not been able to wish him a happy birthday. I hope that they are able to remember all the good times they had with him and maybe even laugh a little today. Mr. Winston would have been 63 today.

I have no time to blog lately, hence my stupid little posts about ... nothing.