Saturday, April 18, 2009

Top Model: Elimination #7

Oh, "Top Model," how stupid you are. I can't help watching because now I want to know who wins, but every episode seems to be more and more of a farce than the last.

Their challenge this week was one that I would actually really like to do- they got to be creative directors for their own shoot. I could rock that. Random comments:

- Aminat, you don't know how to say "chooooose." You really do say "choo." Don't protest it, just try to fix it. Also, there is nothing as annoying as someone that does not know how to manage their time. How could she blame the hairstylists? Stop making excuses.

- Allison can actually talk! In quick sentences! She has opinions! Love it.

- I loved Celia's look for Fo. Very cute and I thought it was very appropriate. I think the only reason she didn't win was because she always wins.

- Teyona won, I didn't really think much of it. Celia was her model, and she did well because she's Celia, but other than the styling, Teyona didn't do much. The styling was kind of blah, too, since the clothes were all black and she was draped in gold jewelry.

The photoshoot was pretty funny- a photoshoot with Ciara. Poor Ciara, she got MOBBED when she walked into the house. Getting tackled by a six-foot girl with huge hair has to be scary at six in the morning (Aminat, looking at you!).

- Natalie- liked the fro, but the face looks like a lump of dough in every single picture. No cheekbones, no contours ... what is that about? She looked kind of like Heather, the girl was Aspergers, from some previous season.

- Aminat, lazy picture. You're lying back. Really? You couldn't do ... something?

- Celia's photo was great- she always looks great. I think girl's going to win.

- Teyona never looks like herself in her photos, which is great because I don't like the way she looks in panel or at the house.

- London, struggling with her weight problems. I feel bad for her, but I didn't think her photo was THAT bad. Paulina was needlessly harsh! I thought her face looked a bit like Ali Larter in the picture, actually.

- Fo's photo was great. GREAT. Loved it! Her outfit at panel looked like she knew that they were going to Brazil.

- Allison's photo didn't look like herself at all. I love her with a fro. She's super cute, but not very versatile. Still, I love her and her awkwardness.

Tyra's whole skit to introduce Brazil as the foreign country that they'll be going to? Terrible. Cheesy. Was the half-naked man holding a bowl of nuts really necessary? Oh, Tyra.

London, who was suspicially continually criticized through the whole episode for her weight gain, isn't going to Brazil. She seemed to take it well and I feel like the girl's going to be alright.

Can't wait to see the shenanigans of some of those ghetto girls trying to speak Portuguese ... it's going to be a delightful trainwreck!


william April 21, 2009 at 6:41 PM  

this season, like blows. it BLOWS.

jeanny April 22, 2009 at 5:25 PM  


I cannot and will not leave something unfinished once I start it, so I will stick it out for the rest of the season. Reluctantly.

Unless they go to Brazil and something changes. Oh, please don't let it get even MORE boring in Brazil!