Thursday, April 02, 2009

Top Model: Elimination #5

How fickle I am- how much my opinions have changed in just a week!

Tahlia: unspeakably annoying. I want to shave off her eyebrows because she always ALWAYS has one of them arched up. Please go home. She gave a little speechie-speech:

Now that I’m actually here and I get to look and finally see my picture, I’m excited and now I know that I actually do belong here. I tried very hard- VERY HARD- to like every single one of you guys.

Allison totally nailed it when she said:

Tahlia makes this, like, speech from the staircase, um, and it’s a bit too, like, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul for me.

Aminat and Teyona got all up in some of the girls' faces (Celia, Natalie, Allison) because, apparently, Celia telling Tyra about Tahlia not wanting to be in the competition was some sort of conspiracy. Allison's reaction to that whole thing was perfect:

Aminat and Teyona come downstairs and they’re just verbally attacking us and reminding me of why I hated high school.

My previous affection for Aminat went POOF. I never thought Teyona was ghetto until this episode. I hate when "ask" is pronounced "axe" or when "business" is pronounced "bi'ness." Please, please learn to enunciate. It's NOT HARD.

The lesson consisted of life-size photos of Tyra with the faces cut out of them so that the girls could show Mr. J how good they are with facial expressions. LAME. It's not a carnival. Can we please cut it out with the rubbish how-to sessions??

The photoshoot wasn't much better, as the girls had to embody a color. It seems like they are just running out of ideas for shoots, which would be an indication that the series should end. I'm just saying.

I really liked Fo (still love the girl) and Teyona's pictures:

Beautiful, no? I didn't even recognize her, she looks so angular and angry in this photo. I think I liked both Fo and Teyona's pictures because I didn't recognize them at first glance, which is amazing:

Love the yellow, it complements her skin so well.

Random thoughts:

Celia's outfit at panel was gorgeous- little fitted black leather jacket and flouncy marigold skirt. So cute without being twee.

Ms. J looks totally ridiculous at judging. What is going on with that stupid bowl haircut?? And WHY the bowties?? Ew. Campy in the worst possible ways.

I didn't know what the big effing deal is with Celia telling the judges that Tahlia doesn't want to be in the house. That is so not the most dramatic thing that's ever happened on this show, and frankly, Celia did it with good intentions. Tahlia wasn't a strong competitor and I still don't think that she's going to make it to the final three because she'll probably have a breakdown and go crying home.

Sandra got the boot. Meh. She got boring after the drama subsided, and I didn't care. She had the color white for her photoshoot, which I thought was BY FAR the easiest, and she didn't do anything for me:

Still love London, girl's got spunk, but I realized this week how oddly proportioned she is.

Tyra's still her usual crazy self. I can't believe how crazy woman is.

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william April 5, 2009 at 5:32 AM  

the american friendly channel in korea started showing the first episodes of top model cycle 12. i, who can't say no to top model (at all), watched and i couldn't for the life of me remember some of the these girls. seriously, this season is horroche.

that loud ghetto fight? weird. and that tahlia girl needs to go. is she plus-size? and london, too. she's supposed to be plus-size, right?

tyra needs to hire me for photo shoot ideas.

jeanny April 5, 2009 at 11:31 PM  

The one single American-friendly channel?? That's sad. There are TONS of crappy (read: amazing) American shows to be had!

This season SUCKS. Of course I'll keep watching, but I will complain after every single episode!

I don't get if Tahlia and London are supposed to be plus-sized or not ... but they're not size 0's ... so yes, they're plus?? Confuddling.

Tyra needs to hire SOMEBODY with taste and originality. Go for it- you would do much better than whatever fool they have now!