Saturday, April 11, 2009

Top Model: Elimination #6

I worked just a little bit yesterday and will be working just a little bit today, and I feel like I've finally caught up on sleep.

I also caught up on "America's Next Top Model," which I was two weeks behind on.

I always hate the CoverGirl commercial episode because the photoshoot is lame. This season was even lamer-- they didn't do a photoshoot at all!

The same usual things happened:

Tahlia whined.

Aminat bluffed.

Tahlia whined again.

Natalie made me laugh.

Natalie irritated me.

Tahlia FINALLY got sent home.

Couldn't take the whining anymore. Girl is pretty, but I don't need to hear "role model" and "burn survivor" coming out of her mouth ever again.

The CoverGirl commercial, by the way, was so incredibly abysmal. Celia's was okay, Fo's was okay, but the rest of the crowd just ... wow.

Watched the behind-the-scenes cycle 12 just a bit ago, and it cleared up a lot of things for me. I hate filler episodes. They need to get on with it!