Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cathy, Irving, and Jessica Rabbit

I haven't been posting much lately ... and it seems that, in reviewing recent posts, I am expressing more and more anger.

It's not that I'm unhappy, I'm just working a lot and very stressed out. This is something that any one of my family members or friends can tell you is totally typical of my life. I start working, it goes fine for a few months, and then BAM! the show kicks into high gear.

This is typical of anyone that works in visual effects, or films in general. I know the editors are working non-stop, which has happened on every single movie I've worked on. It's just the way of production.

It doesn't stop me from feeling tired and cranky, though. 짜증나. I wake up cranky, I just barely keep a cap on my crankiness at work all day, I go home cranky, I go to sleep cranky. This will be me for the next couple/few months.

Experience has taught me that, if nothing else, I will get through this eventually and my crankiness will dissipate someday. I will become my normal self once this movie comes out (July 24, people) and, like childbirth, the memory of pain will evaporate, causing me to think that I can handle the next show and wasn't that last show so much fun?

In an effort to keep my spirits buoyed, I've been trying to watch/read/listen to funny things, things that might make me laugh. I always have back episodes of "Saturday Night Live" on my DVR because DUDE those episodes are long. I decided to watch one the other day, which Dwayne Johnson hosted (I didn't know who that was when I read the description of the show on my DVR-- he's the Rock).

He was actually really funny and did a nice Broadway number to open, resplendent in sequins and some truly terrible dance moves. I appreciate a bulked-up man that can make fun of himself (although, isn't that all wrestlers?).

The funniest part of the show, for me, was Weekend Update. Andy Samberg played Cathy, the comic strip character that, frankly, I never understood. She whined, complained, ate cookies, had bad hair days, and never seemed to really DO anything. Andy is a pretty good Cathy, other than the voice (why the screeching, Samberg??), and Justin Timberlake was a great Irving. Jessica Biel ... GREAT call on casting:

For all the sexy that JT's supposedly bringing back, he plays a lot of losers on SNL and does it very well. I read a blurb somewhere that he didn't want to record another album and likes his life just fine ... which is great, I guess, but shouldn't he go back to doing what makes him famous?

Jessica Biel, I'm sure, was talked into doing the Jessica Rabbit schtick by her boyfriend, who just wanted to fulfill his cartoon fantasy. She was great, though, padded butt and all.

Trying to find laughs, wherever I can ... at least until July.


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