Monday, March 16, 2009

World Baseball Classic, 2009

The World Baseball Classic is upon us once again, the second ever WBC (the first was in 2006, won by Japan (we were robbed!) through much controversy).

Last night was quite the match-up for anyone living in L.A.- South Korea vs. Mexico. I know, the Mexicans outnumber us by vast numbers here. Which is why I was afraid of a fight breaking out in the stands of Petco Park- we would have gotten a beat-down!

Happily, no beat-downs occurred except for the one on the field WHERE WE WON.


Unhappily, our next game is with Japan, tomorrow night. Sucks.

I'm going to hope that yesterday's momentum carries Korea to victory on St. Paddy's Day (we're better drinkers than the Japanese, I think that means we should win when playing on a beer-oriented holiday!), although I find that baseball has little to no momentum at all. Are all nine innings really needed?? Please, can we get rid of ... six? Seven?

The U.S. is doing well, and will play again tomorrow against the winner of today's game between Venezuela and Puerto Rico. If the Koreans fail, the Americans better come through. If the Americans fail (they play in Miami, so the game will happen before the Korea/Japan game in San Diego tomorrow), the Koreans better step it up! (Bracket, in case you care. By far my favorite part is the key at the top left corner, labeling the solid blue line as the "Winner's Path" and the dotted gray line as the "Loser's Path." Baseball can be so merciless!)