Thursday, March 12, 2009

Top Model: Elimination #1

I'm been posting under the influence of stress and fatigue lately, and when I re-read some of the stuff I've written ... wow. Errors, anyone?

In my previous post about "America's Next Top Model: Cycle 12," I completely failed to mention who got kicked off! At the end of the endlessly long 2-hour premiere, Kelly Marie "Isabella" Falk got kicked to the curb.

The photo above was from the girls' first "real" photoshoot. The theme was playground games, a failed effort by Tyra to preserve the innocence of youth, or something other such babble. Isabella up there got dodgeball, but I think she looks more like she's curling (that crazy team sport on ice, where one person releases the stone (in a pose like Isabella up there) and other people start sweeping (?) the ice in front of the stone).

Bye, Isabelle, good luck to you and your daily struggle with epilepsy.

Posts on the first elimination of "Make Me A Supermodel" and the second elimination from "Top Model" soon...