Monday, March 23, 2009

Make Me A Supermodel: Elimination #3

Oh, my.

The models are getting frisky on "Make Me A Supermodel." By 'frisky,' I mean 'RUDE.'

Amanda is just ... irritating. I'm so over her and her strange reaction of blushing when Gabe grabs her in the kitchen for a quick dance. She has a CHILD, she needs to stop pretending she's an innocent lamb.

Gabe, stop wearing disgusting clothes that even Abercrombie models can't pull off, and start putting some more clothes ON. I don't need to see your underwear every week, and I certainly don't need to hear your explanation about why good underwear is essential. Ick.

CJ, snap out of it. I get that you're shy or whatever, but it's getting old. Also, try to stand up straight so you don't look like you have a linebacker's neck. It's supremely unattractive.


Karen got the boot last week. Her runway look is above. Doesn't she look scary?? Then she did this pose at the end and looked at the judges ... and I could see the whites all the way around her eyeball. I didn't notice her before because she was just sort of blah, but I definitely noticed her this time.

She and Gabe were in the bottom two, and I wish Gabe had left. I have a feeling he and Amanda are going to start some drama, which I don't want to see, and he has way too much attitude. Tyson did say that this was Gabe's last chance, so here's hoping.

I loved what Laury did on the runway- her last pose was aMAZing:

But through the week, Laury's attitude and cockiness were unbearable. She's bossy and holier-than-thou, and I don't have the patience.

I don't have patience in general lately, which explains why I watched much of this episode while fast-forwarding. I don't care about any of them (Colin, maybe, but that's just because he's like a little puppy) and I'm not emotionally invested in any part of the show except the last five minutes.

The judges are fantastic. I love them.

Catherine Malandrino wasn't there, so Tabatha stepped in for her. They have the same sort of brutal honesty with no regard for a person's feelings, so it was a perfect swap-out. Jenny Shimizu is so funny, trying to keep some sort of compassion while the people around her are just ready to slash and burn!

Also-- cannot believe that Jenny is 41. FORTY-ONE. The woman looks ... indecently young:

Good for you, Jenny! Now, please stop wearing a full-out leather (WHITE leather) motorcycle outfit. PLEASE. You would be so much more attractive in ... clothes.

Back to work for me.

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