Thursday, March 19, 2009

Top Model: Elimination #3

Oh, Tyra.

Every time I watch the show, Tyra does SOMETHING to make me wonder why this woman is on TV for at least six hours per week.

Tyra was hopped up on some sort of amphetamine last night on "Top Model." Her speech before judging was so weirdly hyper, and she was just so overly emphatic ... perhaps she had had fourteen cans of sugar-free Red Bull? Perhaps her make-up table was lined with Pixy Stix and she accidentally snorted all the strawberry flavored ones?

Something was up.

In continuing with my opinion yesterday about how boring TV has gotten, DUDE, "Top Model" was a snooze-fest. I didn't care about the challenge (charm school, taught by Ms. J (if you're going to wear a bobbed wig, you should just wear a skirt and heels, too), and then a runway show for Jill Stuart while holding ugly, crinkled shopping bags- blah), I didn't care about the photoshoot (embody different stereotypical characters in different areas of NYC).

I realized while watching last night that group photos are just annoying. One person always ends up looking super fugly, one person ends up looking like they're way more model-y than they really are, etc.

That rich girl, Natalie, still irritates me (she won the Jill Stuart runway show even though she did an atrocious twirl in the middle and almost lost her balance). Sandra is also still annoying, though the editors decided that they love me and cut her out of most of the scenes.

Best picture:

My girl Fo's finally pulling it out. Whew.

Aminat looked great, though I don't like her glasses (they're her real glasses, I think).

They're on Wall Street and are supposed to be very fashion-forward stockbrokers (like the unrealistic career women in the now-defunct "Cashmere Mafia" or the recently-defunct "Lipstick Jungle").

Nijah got the boot this week. She and Kortnie were supposed to be artists in SoHo. They both look terrible in this picture:

I really had no opinion either way about Nijah, so I'm not crushed to see her go. I didn't dislike her, though- I do hope she figures something out. She was one of the more well-spoken girls, so I'm sure she'll be on TV Guide Channel and whatnot, being a commentator (I think one of the first winners, Yoanna, did something like this?).


(Episode 1 recap here, Elimination #1 recap here, Elimination #2 recap here.)

On a side note about TV, I have not yet watched a single episode of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." I feel like I should...? I'm debating whether or not to record Barack Obama's guest stint on Leno tonight (my favorite thing about DirecTV is that I can set it to record something through their website or from my phone! LOVE IT).


william March 20, 2009 at 7:07 AM  

tyra is totally phonin' it in this cycle. the girls are a bore and the photo shoots are uninspired. booo!

jeanny March 20, 2009 at 9:44 AM  


Her weaves must be toxic.

And I know it's still Cycle 12, but I think Cycle 13 looks crappy- girls 5'7" and under??

Boooo is right!