Monday, March 23, 2009

WBC 2009: Going to the Finals!

Korea kicked Venezuela all over the field on Saturday, easily winning to advance to the finals. The final score was 10 - 2.

Honestly, I thought Venezuela would put up SOMETHING of a fight- I mean, it was the semi-final! Fight to the death? No? Disappointing game (I ended up watching a total of probably 2.5 innings) but a satisfying score.

I was holding my breath yesterday, hoping and wishing that the U.S. would take out Japan.



Terrible. Terrible!

The U.S., with its many multi-million-dollar players, limped to a 9 - 4 loss to Japan. I'm still not over it.

Which means ... the final tonight will see Korea pitted against Japan.

I would recommend staying far, far away from Koreatown tonight. The Koreans will be out in full-force, drinking to celebrate (YAY!) or drinking to drown their sorrows (boo!). Either way, lots of rowdy Koreans are going to be out and about, I think.

I don't know if I can watch. I will be inexplicably angry if we lose. That's all I'm saying.