Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HTML, XML, and Big Bang (빅뱅)

The HTML and XML needed to get my blog looking somewhat the way I want it to has exhausted me. Now I remember why I hated C++ class and why I hate scripting, programming, all programming languages, and Linux. (That's a lie, I usually love Linux.)

I like GUIs and easy-to-use hacks.

I've had this Big Bang (빅뱅) song stuck in my head for what feels like DAYS, so I'm posting it. To torment other people who have never heard it before. It's called 붉은 노을, which they apparently translated into 'Sunset Glow.' I think it really should be called 'Red Sunset' or 'Burnt Sunset' or something, but that's just me. They can glow if they want to.

The Baby Bang members are adorable, I have to admit, which is why I'm posting this rather than the official music video.