Friday, March 27, 2009

Top Model: Elimination #4

So Tyra continues on in the same vein- totally flippin' crazy.

Seriously, is she on some sort of drug that makes her think everything's a dream and none of the stuff she says/does/wears will be heard/seen by other people?

I watched this week's episode with my mother, which is AWESOME (maybe even Aussie-some). She is scathingly critical, which I absolutely love, and she manages to butcher the girls' names in the best ways possible. (Toccara guested and my mom decided that her name is Soccora, then insisted that she had watched the show the season that Toccara was on.)

Very lackluster episode- the "lesson" was idiotic. I don't find Benny Ninja interesting or even good at his job. His poses are always sharp angles with a deer-in-the-headlights face. Is that really what the girls are supposed to be learning? If so, kudos, Benny Ninja. You are the most un-ninja person I've ever seen, but whatever.

The challenge was funny, since a pose-off is almost as good as a dance-off. The challenge was made even funnier because Natalie, the girl whose face looks dead and squished, won her round (there were two heats, she and Celia won) and then almost fell off the runway in the final round. Almost fell multiple times.

The photoshoot was intensely, intensely dull. Really, immigrants at Ellis Island? Really, Benny Ninja as a husband to a woman? Really, small children everywhere? Nothing rang true. Even Jay Manuel looked bored while he was directing the shoot. Snooze.

The photos were uninspiring, but I did think that Tahlia had the best one, which means I actually agreed with the judges for once:

HOWEVER. Tahlia and her incessant crying, complaining, whining, sniffling-- SHUT UP. She's gotten to the first step (admit you have a problem) but she is completely stuck at that step. She won't stop talking about how she knows she needs more confidence but she just can't can't can't muster it up and how difficult it is for her because it's difficult and she has burns and scars from the burns and OH JUST SHUT UP.

The way Tahlia talks, with her lips all puckered out, the way she always has her right eyebrow raised, the way she always leaves her eyes half-closed? EVERY SINGLE THING about her pisses me off now. I hate people that moan about everything but just sit there. DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

Celia totally sold Tahlia out in front of the judges, tattling that Tahlia has said multiple times that she wants to go home. I don't blame Celia for doing it, because I feel like Celia wants it the most out of the all the girls and can't bear to see someone who's so miserable to be there. Tyra got all pissy and told Celia to can it, then sent Kortnie home, as planned.

I liked Kortnie- she's the kind of girl I can imagine going bar-hopping with, playing pranks on, and having a good ol' time. She's not really a model, though, and I didn't think she was going to win, so I wasn't surprised she got axed.

Between Sandra the oblivious (girl can't dance or pose to save her life), Tahlia the girl that WON'T STOP CRYING, and Natalie the walking corpse with dead eyes, I'm finding the show harder and harder to watch.

One of those three better get the boot next week.

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william March 27, 2009 at 7:58 PM  

again with the grainy photos. and that episode was a snoozefest up until the end. remember...that tahlia girl is 18. it's probably the first time she's been away from home. but yeah, she's a big fat baby. and kortnie wasn't any better (even though she has great legs). this season is crap. but i will be tuning in next week.

jeanny March 31, 2009 at 10:21 AM  

I always forget that the girls are so young because they look older.

And I'm so over the "artistic" photoshoots. Please, can't they just go back to the campy shoots they used to do??

TOTAL CRAP and yet can't ... stop ... watching...