Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Make Me A Supermodel: Elimination #2

I'm bored of TV lately.

"Chuck," which had previously charmed me with the adorable antics of its gangly titular character, has become far too predictable. Yawn. Plus, Zachary Levy's hair is looking way too mullet-y lately. He has a curly-haired person's version of a mullet. You're adorable, Zachary, but not with the mullet, no way, no how.

"Psych" lost me just one episode before its season finale. The episode that the actor playing the main character directed. James Roday, you're also adorable (albeit slightly less adorable than Chuck), but please don't direct anymore. That episode was the worst one ever. The season finale was better, but still not good.

I have 14 episodes of "Heroes," 9 episodes of "Grey's Anatomy," and 8 episodes of "Private Practice" just sitting on my DVR. And I have no appetite for them. I hate when this happens.

So back to the show that I actually watch the week that it airs: "Make Me A Supermodel."

I actually watched the episode a few days ago, but baseball has been at the forefront of the TV-oriented part of my brain (cannot believe I just typed that! Baseball! This proves how much I love the motherland).

I'm rushing right through my favorite/least-favorite moments:

Candy-themed photoshoot, with each model having to "embody" their candy. The weird thing was, multiple people had the same type of candy.

Sandhurt had the picture that I saw and loved:

Jordan's was good, too, but I thought Sandhurst really did superbly. Plus, Jordan was made-up beyond recognition (she was a peppermint? candy cane?) and Sandhurst had to make it work with much less make-up.

For the runway portion, they walked in pairs, with the exception of Kerryn, who walked alone. (Is it me, or does it look like Kerryn's nose gets bigger and bigger each week??)

The runway sucked. Seriously, I didn't think anyone really rocked it. Lackluster and tired. Geeky Colin did improve, though, and I still love him, even though his photoshoot (he was supposed to be chocolate) looked uncomfortable and icky.

Makeovers were given, people freaked out (on a lesser scale than on "Top Model," with crying girls that won't stop crying and then they cry some more). Tabatha Coffey, of "Tabatha's Salon Takeover," scared the holy cheese-whiz out of me, in the most delightful way imaginable. I love/am terrified by her.

Our favorite non-masculine androgynous man, Chris, just couldn't cut it. Bye-bye, Chris. Please don't even tease about your face being plastered on the side of a bus someday, because I would scream and leap in the air like a scalded cat if I saw that bus, particularly if I was standing less than 20 feet away from it.

So far, so good. I agree with the judges, for the most part.

This particular episode, I was torn between wanting Chris to leave and wanting CJ to leave. CJ is just ... a twit. She fidgets and yawns on the catwalk and always looks constipated and bored. I'm over her and her drama (she's a natural blonde and Tabatha (personally!) made her a brunette, which looks SO MUCH BETTER on her).

My dislike of Amanda grew exponentially through the few minutes she was on the show. She likes to cause drama and is going to be an "improper" woman, I can tell. She's one of those girls that gets bajiggety and likes to be in that state of ... bajiggetiness. I have no other word for her. And her Heidi Klum bangs were a mistake (even Heidi Klum had a hard time looking fab in those bangs!).

Salome-Baloney. No. Just no. Please go away. (Her picture was, unfortunately, quite good.)

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