Sunday, February 08, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Lots of non-T.V. things to post about, but since I just finished watching this year's Super Bowl, must comment!

I know, I know, I'm watching the game a whole week late. Blame my father. He and my mother and uncle went on vacation for a whole week, leaving last Sunday at about 3:00. My dad wanted to watch the game with me, so I recorded it on my trusty DVR and didn't watch it.

Of course I knew who won. We all knew who won! But it's the means to the end that makes the Super Bowl exciting, so this afternoon, my dad, uncle, and I watched (all FOUR HOURS of) the game.

Pittsburgh, congratulations!

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I didn't think the Cardinals had much of a chance of winning. They're very green and probably awed to be at their first Super Bowl. The Steelers have much more experience and a stronger record, and seem more disciplined when faced with crunch time.

On the flip side, though, I was sort of rooting for Arizona because- let's face it- the underdogs are always fun to cheer for. They had a lot of enthusiasm going into the Super Bowl, and were on a really hot winning streak. Makes for a great story!

... The Korean factor, though. Yes, I'm racist. I will always root for the motherland, and it's not any different in football. The Steelers have a half-Korean, half-black wide receiver, Hines Ward. The man might not look too Korean (although I think his facial features are quite Korean), but the man was born in Seoul. He's as Korean as a player in the NFL is gonna get. So I gotta be on his side, right??

Needless to say, I anticipated a good game because I would love for either team to win- they both have qualities that I admire.

Best 60 seconds of football- the last minute of the 43rd Super Bowl.


I'm exhausted from yelling at the T.V. screen for the better part of an evening.

The Super Bowl is the only football game (well, the only entire football game) that I watch every year, and this year's game really made me smile. (Yes, I know last year's game was considered historical or whatever, but I didn't really care about the Patriots or the Giants.)

I also enjoyed Dan Rooney's shout-out to Barack Obama in his acceptance speech. Good job, Dan Rooney. And bless you for having faith in a 36-year-old man to guide your team to its record-breaking sixth Lombardi trophy.

No more sports talk for a while ... at least, maybe not until June, for the NBA Finals, if the games are any good.