Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Oscars: The Clothes, Part 2

Found a picture of Nicole Kidman, which I couldn't yesterday.

I realize feathers aren't for everyone, but I still thought this was a great dress on her. Only a six-foot tall woman can carry off anything with feathers (Christina Aguilera, I'm looking at you).

Her hair and make-up also seemed so much more natural than last year (remember the ugly black dress and the stick-straight hair? Yuck), maybe a reflection on the fact that she seems to be happier and healthier lately. Good for you, Mrs. Urban!

One last bit about the Oscars- a YouTube video of the sequence that was shown during the credits of the Oscars about upcoming movies. The movie I'm currently working on, "G-Force," is at the very end (03:07) of the clip. Yay!