Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gouda the Bunny

My sister recently adopted a rabbit from Rabbit Match, where she volunteers. Rabbit Match takes in abandoned bunnies in the Los Angeles area and takes care of them while they're up for adoption.

They spay and neuter all the rabbits (so they can't breed like rabbits!) before the little critters go off to their permanent homes. I looked at the packet they gave my sister, and it's full of practical information about rabbits, their behaviors, their likes and dislikes. The organization seems to definitely care about their charges, which I admire.

Gouda's name used to be Carradine when he lived at Rabbit Match, but he's now Gouda. See him hiding behind the mixer? I think he wants to get into the trash can. Not that he's tall enough to even remotely reach it. Big dreams!

Chomping lettuce. Rabbits are quite useful for eating up vegetables, especially for someone who lives alone (like my sister). He's quite a cute little thing.

Wee bitty little baby. He's not completely full-grown yet, but won't grow too much bigger than he is now.

My dad claims that he will stew the rabbit and eat him if my sister ever makes the unwise decision of bringing the bunny home. Unwise because my dad threatens and also because we have a dog bred to hunt burrowing animals and a cat that is probably about three times bigger than the rabbit!

The newest extension of my family will have to stay safely ensconced in my sister's apartment, safe and sound.


william February 26, 2009 at 6:10 PM  

we used to own two rabbits. they stayed outside in our yard. after 3 years the (evil) homeowners association informed us that we weren't allowed to keep rabbits because they're classified as 'farm animals.'

we weren't so attached to those rabbits anyway. i can't believe your sister keeps that rabbit inside the apartment. doesn't it smell? and poop?

jeanny February 26, 2009 at 7:54 PM  

Stupid homeowners association! Why are rabbits farm animals?!

When I was little, we had two outdoor rabbits, too. They had a little rabbit hutch and were all fine until we got a dog. One of the rabbits died of fright so we gave the other rabbit to a family that had a few rabbits.

I have not yet gone to meet Gouda, but he's only two pounds and my sister claims he doesn't smell. All the Rabbit Match bunnies are litter-box trained, which is nice. I would die with an un-housebroken animal in my vicinity.