Monday, October 19, 2009

MC, Day 7 (In Progress)

It's Day 7, y'all.

Along with my loss of cohesive thought, I have become Southern. Perhaps because I am craving buttermilk biscuits? Also craving ham and mac-and-cheese and still, persistently, kale. Strange, yes.

I'm about halfway through the day, thankfully, which means that just another half until I get to rest my fuzzy brain on my pillow and sink into blissful sleep. Sleep is a great replacement for food, I've found, but my body is still indignant and won't let me sleep as much as I would like to.

Last night, I got a solid seven hours of sleep, which is much more than I've been eking out in the past few days. And those seven hours? Really great, amazing sleep. I woke up so rested and so perfectly alert that I was scandalized, thinking that I'd gone throughout the previous portion of my life never having experienced true wakefulness in the morning. Which is probably true, for I am not a morning person AT ALL. Well, that's not true- I really love 4 or 5 in the morning, when everything's dewy and quiet, but I only like it if I've been up the entire night leading up to sunrise. I can't wake up that early; that's obscene.

My stomach has stopped growling, for the most part, and has gone back to being content with lemonade and water. I forgot to write about this, but I've managed to drink two liters of the sainted brew for the past two days. It's tough and I have to force down the last pint or so (why aren't Americans on the metric system yet??), but I can do it.

I'm planning (to take over the world!) my ease out of this cleanse, because I feel that without a meticulous schedule to follow, I will eat whatever I want, be it complex carbohydrates, chocolate, ice cream, steak, or a stick of butter. That would be disaster, since my system won't be able to handle any such nonsense.

With the success of Dole's splendid pineapple juice still in my mind, I'm thinking of starting with juices (100% juice only- I will juice my own fruits if need be, or subsist solely on pineapple juice) and thin, clear broths. My mother said to start with "vegetable juice," which is basically boiled vegetables, or what I think that vegetable broth would taste like if it were made without any herbs or seasonings. It could be good. It could be bad. It could be meh.

My mother and sister have both eased out of the cleanse with minimal fuss. The day after my sister's announcement of her cease-and-desist, she was eating French fries (very few of them) and clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. No issues.

(By the way, my sister lasted for five days and lost ten pounds. I've lost more weight, but it's because I had more to lose- the sister is back to being a svelte 'size 2 is a little loose on her' shape.)

At work, and I'm still cold whenever I'm here. Brr.

Also, I've noticed that I am more fidgety than I used to be. One of my feet will tap up-and-down at a rather frenetic pace for a long while before I realize and still myself. I would think that I'd get slower, what with the lack of energy, but my body wants to burn even more energy doing something completely useless.

Can't wait for the joy that will be pineapple juice on Day 11...