Sunday, October 18, 2009

MC, Day 6

I only have a few minutes left in Day 6, so I figured it was safe to post a recap of this day.

The newest addition to my list of odd new behaviors I have: gurgling stomach.

This is probably due to the fact that I ate food yesterday. My stomach got used to have something solid in it for a change and is heartily protesting today that it has only been filled with the heinous lemonade that it is sick and tired of. Well, too bad, stomach! Deal with it just a while longer!

No changes otherwise. If it weren't for Growly-McGrowlerson over here, I wouldn't even feel like I had done anything different yesterday.

I am so sore from the miles that I hoofed all over Mickey Mouse's lairs yesterday that I am walking a little funny. My hips feel like rusted hinges. Oof.

Korean people are funny, and here's one more reason why:

It is considered a very desirable trait in Korean women to have small faces. Yes, I said faces. Not waists or hands or feet, but faces. I find this funny because I have a rather large noggin (thanks a lot, Dad). Because of the aforementioned skull of mine, I will never have a small face.

At church today, some of the ladies told me that my face looked smaller. They meant this as a compliment, not that I was shriveling like a prune or anything. One lady asked me if I was sick, telling me that I didn't look well.

On one hand, I'm really glad that the 15-pound loss is visible. On the other hand, I certainly don't want to look like I'm ill!

I am choosing to go to bed early tonight (around midnight!) in the hopes that my body will allow me to sleep for more than five or six hours (please please please).

Strangely, I am overwhelmed with the desire to cook and bake and make candies. Not to eat, but just to make. This is an odd sensation, but then again, I'm getting used to having strange new sensations overtake me every other day.

Update on the condition of my skin: I stared long and hard at my face in the mirror (brightly lit and magnifying, horror of horrors) and noticed that my pores are smaller and my face seems softer. Not necessarily smoother, but at least it's softer! Here's hoping that the improvements keep on coming...

Officially over the halfway point! Hopefully it's a breeze from here on out!