Monday, October 12, 2009

Copa d'Oro, Santa Monica

Copa d'Oro
217 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Telephone: 310.576.3030

Monday - Wednesday:
6:00 pm - 12:00 am
Thursday - Saturday:
6:00 pm - 2:00 am

I am totally behind on my "Why I Love L.A." quest, which has basically devolved into an exploration of the bars and restaurants of L.A. Not a bad thing. Not bad at all.

I first discovered (I say "discovered," but I really should say "stepped into") Copa d'Oro earlier this year, with a fellow adventurer in L.A. bars.

The first impression I got from the place was great. Discreet doorman/bouncer, who was very polite. The whole place has a sort of throwback-to-the-'40's feel, the kind of feel that makes me think of mahogany, velvet curtains, crystal chandeliers, and barmen. Yes, barmen instead of bartenders.

I really appreciated the thoughtful eye to decor, the comfortable perches scattered here and there and everywhere, and the attractiveness of the place. I'm superficial, good packaging will get me every time.

Good packaging will get me every time, but certainly won't keep me.

The thing I remember most about Copa d'Oro is that it is HOT. Hot like the vents of hell are directly beneath the floor, hot in a way that renders everyone unattractive and irritable. I am practically a native Californian (the first three years of my life were spent in Korea, which has "real" weather). My Californian-ness is absolutely apparent in my temperature tolerance- any lower than 65 and my teeth chatter, any higher than 85 and I whine incessantly until the heat saps me of all strength.

I got through my Copa d'Oro experiences by self-medicating. I enjoy their quirky cocktail menu, and their barmen seem to know what they're doing. My favorites:

High Kick: Buffalo Trace bourbon, Creme de Mure, blackberry, ginger beer, fresh lemon juice.
It's tangy and delicious, and quite a feat- I normally hate bourbon.

Rhode Island Red: Partida Blanco, Chambord, organic agave nectar, fresh lemon juice, ginger beer, fresh raspberry, orange bitter.
I love tequila, so obviously, this one won me over.

Jalisco Flower: Partida Reposado, Elderflower Liqueur, fresh ruby grapefruit, champagne.
My love for tequila is only surpassed by my love of champagne.

I have tried other drinks, but the three above are my tried-and-true favorites. I never even knew that I liked ginger beer until I had it at Copa.

Another bad thing about this place ... the crowd. One of my friends put it really well; he said, "this place is crawling with douches."

So apt, that statement. There were a LOT of totally asinine people there, mostly male, and mostly sweating profusely (ew).

I like Copa just fine for a quick drink. It's within walking distance of a ton of places in Santa Monica (very close to Third Street Promenade) and I have a soft spot for the magical drinks created by their barmen, so definitely worth a pop-in.

I would never make a night of going solely to Copa d'Oro, but that's okay. Bar-hopping is just one more thing I love about L.A.


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