Thursday, October 15, 2009

MC, Day 2

Oh, cheese and crackers.

Yesterday, Day 2, was tougher than Day 1. Not because of the hunger, but because of the exhaustion.

I think that not eating combined with a spicy lemonade that (really effectively) cleans out your system will naturally lead to fatigue, because your body has no fuel going into it. It could not have helped at all that I only managed to finish 1 liter on Day 2. I thought perhaps my tolerance would grow as the days go on, so we'll see.

The most surprising side effect of this cleanse is not the lack of hunger, but the white tongue. My tongue. It has turned white. Not totally white, but a very chalky version of its formerly pink self. I don't quite know what to do about it ... white tongues aren't a sign of impending death, are they?

I have been having the most incredibly vivid dreams for the past two nights. People that I know are in these dreams, but more importantly, there is a crazy amount of food in my subconscious!

Day 2 ended with me going to bed ... and dreaming about eating. I ate one piece of penne pasta in my dream, with some cheesy dripping down it, and I promptly woke up feeling immensely guilty.

I dream-cheated on my cleanse!

Though I was told that the first three days are the toughest, I'm not faring too badly. I am achy and (no, not breaky) sore, though I'm not exercising. My mother tells me that this is the result of toxins leaving my body. Yeah, we'll see. Maybe it's my old age catching up to me.

I resisted the lovely cheeses in my fridge (I really, really miss cheese) and managed to stick to water last night. Day 2 concluded with happiness, though I left work past 9 p.m., as "Cougar Town" and "Glee" were both on the DVR, waiting to be devoured.

Hopefully it gets easier from now on, and I stop having technicolored foodie dreams.