Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Country Livin'

Have you seen this website? The Pioneer Woman's website, that is. It amazes me to no end.

I have always had this dream of being a simple country girl in a simple cotton frock with a simple gingham apron on, making a simple apple pie. Of course, this does not fit in with the Korean idea of what the country is. I would have to be blonde and blue-eyed in my version of the simple country life, which I am most decidedly not. And I'm not the simple country type, really. I love the city, and I am used to the city. It runs through my blood so deeply that I can't even feel it- it's just a part of me.

So I know that I cannot do what the Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) has done: give up city life, marry a rancher, homeschool the kids, and survive on a cattle ranch, feeding cowboys and being the woman of the ranch. Oddly enough, she was a bona fide L.A. girl before moving out yonder, and claims that she never thought she had it in her to become a rancher's wife. Maybe that's why I relate to her, and I feel like she could be one of my girlfriends, had any of us ever met a rancher and decided to give up tapas bars and Hollywood clubs in exchange for calves and educating our own children.

Anyways. Just a link I wanted to share because I cannot stop reading!