Sunday, October 18, 2009

MC, Day 4

Day 4 was on Friday. I'm behind on updates, for reasons that will become obvious in the Day 5 post.

Day 4 was rough because I was freezing cold the entire day. It was also the day that I started to become incoherent- I would hear myself say something, and I would think, "Hmm, that didn't make sense," but I couldn't bring myself to either care or think hard enough to fix whatever I had said.

This, I believe, was because I was finally starting to burn my body fat off, so my body was using all its energy to physically do what I had to do, and there was no spare fuel left to power my brain cells.

The lethargic feeling that Day 3 had brought eased somewhat, which was nice, but in exchange, I got a backache that was akin to a persistent headache. My joints (I sound so old) and my back protested all day long, kind of a slow, burning ache rather than a sharp pain. It was tolerable, but annoying.

Day 4 was also the first day that I really missed caffeine. I've been amazed that my sudden decrease in caffeine intake had not affected me until the fourth day. I didn't even miss the caffeine, I missed the taste of coffee. It wasn't too bad; a mug of peppermint tea made the thoughts of coffee recede pretty quickly.

The whole sleeping less thing seems to be a gradual development- I slept even less than on Day 3 but didn't feel that droopy exhaustion that too-little sleep brings.

I did everything I needed to do to go about my day, and other than the aches, a perfectly fine day.