Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy (Belated) Anniversary, 엄마 & 아빠!!

So I'm a week late.

In my defense, I'm insane trying to get all this work done. The movie comes out on July 24 and it is now June 20. The countdown is a very real thing in the last few months of post-production, and in these last weeks, as the reels lock, audio is mixed, color is dialed, it becomes pandemonium.

Last Saturday, June 13, my (very understanding) parents celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary.

Congratulations, 부모님!

They are the best.

Even (especially?) in cheesy couple tees:

Excuse the crappy photos, the sister took them on her phone. Despite the poor quality of multi-tasking phones, aren't my parents adorable?

They are completely atypical Korean parents:

- They hold hands. In public.
- They hug and kiss their children.
- They encouraged us to do whatever we wanted (I went into computer animation, my sister was a fine arts major- no doctors or lawyers here, move along).
- They don't tell us to hurry up and get married.
- They take walks together ... with the cat (yes, really).
- They have breakfast and dinner together every single day.
- They talk to each other.

Yes, my parents bicker at times. They are each other's strongest supporters but also worst critics. They can yell at each other the way no one else can yell at either of them.

They are a single unit, like a coin; opposite but the same.

In other words, they are best friends.

They have the most amazing marriage I have ever seen, and are my role models in what I would like for myself if/when I get married. Yes, it seems tough at times. But what in life is not tough? Anything worth anything is worth fighting for, and I would fight for a solid relationship like Mom and Dad's.

I love them and my sister more than anyone else in the world.

I pity the poor men that will eventually try to marry into our family!