Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Clueless, Thy Name Is Boy


Boy 1
Boy 2


Boys are not capable of grasping the constantly shifting and subtly changing emotions of any given girl (unless that girl is a floozy).


1. If (A = Girl liking Boy 1), (B = Boy 1 and Boy 2 being close friends),
2. (A) will lead to a lot of (C = Girl, Boy 1, Boy 2 spending time together).
3. (C) will eventually lead to the end of (A) or to even more (A), depending on how likable Boy 1 really is.
4. (C) could lead to (D = Girl switches focus to Boy 2) or, more likely, to (E = everyone becomes friends).
5. (A) is possible to persist even if (E) comes about.
6. (B) may lead to Boy 1 confessing to Boy 2 that (F = Boy 1 likes Girl), or vice versa (G = Boy 2 likes Girl).
7. If (A) = true, Girl is acutely aware of Boy 1 and not very aware of Boy 2.
8. If (A) = true, it becomes more and more likely that (F) = false and (G) = true. Because life is never drama-free.
9. Sometime around #3, both Boy 1 and Boy 2 got lost and are still trying to figure out which is true: (A), (D), or (E). Clueless.
10. Q.E.D.


Diana E. June 25, 2009 at 7:24 AM  

Hahaha! When you need differential equations to describe your love life, something is very wrong. Or very nerdy.

And you know... nerdy is HOT.



hothothothot (See Choco Boy for the rest).

jeanny June 30, 2009 at 5:14 AM  

Ha! I think a good differential equation can make sense of most things in the world. :)

And you're right, of course- nerdy IS hot!