Friday, January 30, 2009


I've been tagged by William (whose blog I love) to list 25 random things about me.

Superficial? At times. Thoughtless? Perhaps. Self-centered? OF COURSE. It's a list of things about me, what else could it be?? Here goes!

1. Although I'm told that I'm outgoing and sociable, I was painfully shy until high school, when I vowed to become less shy. I decided this my junior year and didn't fully succeed in fooling people until my second year of college. I'm still a very shy person on the inside.

2. I think the city I grew up in is the best city in the world. (Cerritos, I love you. But mostly, I love your library.) The city's in the very southernmost part of Los Angeles county, which means it butts up against Orange County. I feel superior to Orange County because I just missed having to be an Asian girl from the O.C., such a stereotype.

3. Bad spelling and nonsensical grammar make me grit my teeth. Without some sort of outlet for the frustration, I'm liable to start hitting people with my laptop., anyone??

4. I don't eat clams (or most other types of seafood) unless it's in clam chowder. Why it's okay in clam chowder, I'm not sure, but it's the only dish I can stand it in. (And I really don't eat raw fish.)

5. I secretly think I've been smarter than every man I've dated. I also only date men that can't spell, for some reason, but I can tolerate it in them (perhaps because they give me things and tell me I'm pretty).

6. I wish I could play the piano well enough to be a concert pianist (my mother is a pianist).

7. I either love my job or hate my job at any given time. I'm never 'meh' about my job.

8. I've only ever been to four countries: Korea (I was born there), the U.S. (I live here), Mexico, and England. I would like to visit more countries! But not the third-world ones. I don't do dirt paths and/or cots.

9. I hate vacations where the sole purpose is to "see nature." If there's no bed and shower, I'm not going, stop asking. I always thought I was a "simple country girl" until I went camping after high school, and now I know. I'm a complicated city girl.

10. I want to win an Oscar. Okay, technically, I've won two Oscars ("Happy Feet" and "His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass") but I want to win one myself, where I go up and make the speech. It's not the speech so much (I don't care about it, I don't have one prepared), it's just the prestige and attention.

11. I will have been single for three years this May (I'm not counting dates, I'm counting real boyfriends). Oddly, I don't mind it- it can be boring, but I don't need a man to complete me. That's right, I said it.

12. There are two things I eat until I want to burst and then I keep eating: strawberries and spaghetti. The strawberries must be raw. The pasta must be spaghetti in a tomato-based sauce- I'm not a glutton about any other type of pasta or pasta sauce.

13. I haven't watched two of the movies I've worked on: "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" and "Superman Returns." No team spirit for those films, I guess?

14. I'm prejudiced against cherry-flavored things. I don't know why, because I actually really love cherries.

15. Sometimes I wonder how I would do in a different career, and if I should consider switching to a completely different field. I imagine being a lawyer or a historian or an accountant or running some sort of business. I think I would like it.

16. I abhor men wearing flip-flops. Only people (women or men, I'm not (that) sexist) with pedicured feet should be allowed to show them off. Men, please consider pedicures- they feel good and they look better.

17. Summer is my least-favorite season because I don't like summer clothes and I really don't like to sweat unless I'm in sweat-specific clothes (i.e. for working out).

18. I miss drawing and painting, but not enough to do something about it. L-a-z-y.

19. From about elementary school through junior high school, I wanted to be a writer. I used to write all the time, all these little stories and poems. I stopped when I realized I'm not all that great.

20. I have the neatest handwriting of anyone I know. It's OCD neat. I don't write on the lines of paper, either, because I don't want to touch the lines, that would be wrong. I write exactly in the middle of the lines.

21. Whenever I watch Animal Planet and a big cat is chasing its prey, I root for the cat. Because I like cats, not because I want the gazelle to be dead.

22. I don't understand the popularity of people that don't do anything. Paris Hilton, I'm looking at you.

23. I got my ears pierced when I was 24. I have a scar on my left ear (long story) and I didn't want people to look at it, so I never felt like I needed earrings. It's only because people started making some seriously cute earrings that I reconsidered and pierced away (at a tattoo parlor- it was my only experience in one of those, and it was pretty cool).

24. I think I would be a good tattoo artist, but I don't think my mother would approve, so I don't pursue it.

25. In my very liberal and un-religious field, I'm secretly afraid of telling people I go to church and I'm a Christian. One of my co-workers at a different job said to me, "But you seem so ... reasonable!" when he found out I attend church. A co-worker I worked with every day, talked to every single hour.

I was inevitably influenced by William, which I say is inevitable because I read his list first, is it any wonder my thoughts ran along the same lines?? I tried not to cheat and copy, because that would be cheating.

It's interesting when faced with the task of writing totally random things about oneself. I could have gone on, because I didn't hit on a huge list of topics that I'm just now thinking of- books, music, family, aspirations, childhood, blah blah blah.

I'm not changing my answers. It's like word association, I think. The first answer is THE answer.

Thanks for the tag, Guillaume! (I took French in high school and I'm partial to French names- that's the 26th random fact about me).


william January 30, 2009 at 8:23 PM  

my first boyfriend would oftentimes refer to himself as gregoire. he's from north carolina. his name is effing greg.

i think you should submit your blog to 'korean blog list.' they have a category for koreans who live outside of korea.

3. bad spelling is my biggest pet peeve.
4. my boyfriend doesn't eat oysters because they resemble vaginas.
13. we walked by the posters for valkyrie and i chirped, 'hey, i kinda know the person who worked on the cgi in that film!' yeah, you know. the one person who worked on it.
22. baffles me too.
25. you are so korean.


jeanny January 31, 2009 at 11:47 PM  

You can't refer TO YOURSELF in French, it's something other people do to you!

I actually had my blog listed on Korean Blog List, but then I changed the name of my blog and then submitted a request to change the listing ... and it disappeared off the blog list!

3. Seriously! Seriously. (See, I like "Grey's"!)
4. Your boyfriend sounds like a hoot! And oysters are gross.
13. Tom Cruise only had three fingers and one eye because of my blood, sweat, and tears! ... Not really ... :)
22. RIGHT??
25. I am. I am SO Korean. It disgusts me at times.

Kim February 10, 2009 at 8:18 PM  

That's because cherry-flavored stuff tastes like cough syrup, while real cherries are sweet and delicious!

jeanny February 10, 2009 at 10:42 PM  


You're so right.

Also, I think cherry flavors remind of me Emetrol, which reminds me of being nauseous ... which is just gross.