Thursday, January 22, 2009

Milk + Melamine = Death

If you see this logo, don't buy the product it's plastered on:

The SanLu Group, based in Shijiazhuang, China, is the company behind the melamine-tainted milk that killed at least six babies.

Two of the men involved in this atrocity were sentenced to death today (1/22 in China), two people received life sentences, and six people were given 5 - 15 years in jail. (Read the BBC article here.)

I cannot fathom how terrified mothers must have been, worrying for the health and safety of their babies. It has to be stressful enough to have a small crying child without the added threat of possible death.

For a company, for executives, for cow farmers, for distributors to all turn a blind eye against this type of thing just to make some money ... it's absolutely incredible.

I hope that the parents that have lost their child(ren) are feeling at least a little bit avenged today, and are sleeping just a little better.