Saturday, January 03, 2009

My Favorite Kimchi: 막김치: The Result!

We finally opened up the kimchi that has been fermenting since Monday evening. (That's not actually true; we looked at it yesterday and it wasn't quite ready for consumption).

In colder weather, kimchi tends to take a little longer to ferment. I'm sure that's true of most pickling/fermented foods.

The cabbage we bought wasn't the greatest (which is why we only bought six heads), which means the resulting kimchi isn't going to be the best kimchi ever. Still, it's better than store-bought!

Here's what we ate today:

I think it looks a little redder than it needs to (I don't like too many big chunks of pepper flakes, which you can see clearly- obviously more of the ground chili pepper needed to be processed into a very fine mill).

My next foray into kimchi-making will be when this batch runs out, which I predict will take three or four weeks.

At least it's edible! That's all I was going for. : )