Friday, January 09, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons

My version of Saturday morning cartoons tomorrow will be the animated movie I am currently working on.


6-day weeks have begun.

In the wonderful world of film, this is not at all an unusual occurrence; in fact, the only question is "when do we start?" Still, that doesn't mean anyone looks forward to working weekends (7-day weeks are horrendous- every single day is a Wednesday. Do you know how hard it is to overcome entire months of time that all consist of Hump Days??).


I didn't actually begin watching T.V. until about high school. My sister and I were (and still are) both bookish. We enjoyed reading and would read until our parents demanded that we all go out in the sunshine (ew) and do something (ew ew ew).

The only exception to that rule was "Sesame Street" (and sometimes "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood"). How can any child not love "Sesame Street"?? I love Oscar the Grouch (might explain some things about me) and Snuffleupagus. I wanted Oscar's pet worm, Slimey, and Snuffleupagus's long, giraffe-like eyelashes.

As dorky as it is to admit, I used to have Sesame Street checks. When I first started using checks (for pesky things like bills), I decided Washington Mutual's plain blue checks were just plain wrong. I looked through all the options ... and there were Sesame Street checks. The reason I absolutely had to have them was because Slimey the worm was on the Oscar the Grouch check.

They discontinued my checks, and I have never found them since.

I miss you, Sesame Street. I wish I knew how to get there, and how to avoid work in the process!