Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Korean "Holiday": Diary/Candle Day

I don't know how it came about or who even popularized it, but today (January 14) is Diary Day or Candle Day in Korea.

The 14th of every month is a different "holiday" in Korea. I'm sure this came about when Valentine's Day's unattractive relative, Black Day, came into existence (Black Day is April 14, a day for single Koreans to eat jjajangmyun (it's black!) and commiserate about their sad loneliness).

Today is probably one of the least logical out of the "holidays." I mean, Diary Day?? Candle Day??

Anyways, the gist of it is- couples exchange journals or diaries with the sentiment of hoping that their significant other will have a lovely year. That sort of makes sense, I suppose.

If you're celebrating Candle Day, though, it's just what it seems like- couples exchange candles. I don't know why. To stay warm in the chilly weather? For some mood lighting? Everyone looks better in candlelight ... maybe it's a hint that your significant other looks better in soft lighting?

I certainly don't celebrate any of these holidays, but it's fun to poke fun at them. (Yes, I am a cruel, cruel person).

Incidentally, my diary (planner, really) is quite adorable and Korean, from a company called Magic Soup (website is in Korean only). There are some truly terribly Konglish incidents in it, but it's quite cute overall (I had a planner from this company in 2007 as well).

Happy Diary/Candle Day! Here's a picture of my planner in celebration: