Friday, December 25, 2009

Holly, Jolly Christmas!

We always open presents on Christmas Eve in my family. I think my mother used to blame us when we were children- "the kids want their gifts!"- but these days, it's very apparent that it's my mother that doesn't have the patience to wait until Christmas day.

Last night, we had a larger family than usual, what with my cousin on town and all. Because of my work schedule lately, my sister did the huge majority of shopping, while I barely managed to get her gifts by yesterday (online shopping is my new best friend).

Lots of photos of family shenanigans follow (숙모, 오빠 잘 있어요!):

Our teeny tree with a massive amount of presents under it. We go a bit overboard- these are gifts for five people. (Yes, that's Hello Kitty wrapping paper.)

Mom in a Snuggie (!) that I received from a visual effects company. I had my dad wearing it earlier, but my mom got cold and stole it.

Dad is pondering one of his gifts while my mom and cousin are watching my sister be the gift-distributing elf.

Mom and cousin. Aren't they so cute?? My cousin received the scarf, which is a practical gift, as he's going to the East coast on January 1 for a couple weeks (to visit schools).

Hai got Dad the "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" DVD and he got Mom an airtight Oxo container. Hi, Hai!

The sister got Mom and me sheep ornaments. The one on the left is a boy, with a gray face and little gray feet, and the one on the right is a girl, with a pink face, feet, and little bow. Very cute on the tree.

Mom is molesting my gift, a full-sized boy sheep, while the cousin looks on in amusement. The Snuggie has made its way down in the world, becoming a blanket.

My aunt, this cousin's mother, bought us all silly gifts, including this sheep-shaped hat for my sister. Everyone's happy with torn wrapping paper and balled-up tissue paper strewn all over the room.

Dad's opening his big present, wrapped in a plethora of Hello Kitty paper. What could this enormous box be??

Why, that logo looks quite familiar....

It's a guitar! Dad looks shocked.

He serenades us with hits from the 60's and 70's. My dad's still got it.

Then he serenades us while wearing the sheep hat. If only I had thought to get the Snuggie on him, as well! Wasted opportunity to torture my father.

The hat. It's very cute.

Christmas is almost over! Won't happen again for another whole year. Sigh.

Post about Christmas food coming tomorrow. Once I'm over my food coma...