Monday, November 23, 2009

Senior Class Portraits

It's been a while, Internet.

Well, it's been two days. But me being away from a computer for two days is like me being ripped away from my daily routine for a year. I wasn't even away from a computer, really- I was still checking in on work stuff and making sure things were okay in the office. But I managed to stay off the internet and do real-life things all weekend long, after a grueling couple weeks that involved a lot of working, a lot of frustration, and some good old-fashioned all-nighters.

One of the things that I did was really play with my new camera, a Canon 5D. It's my first SLR, and I'm a little intimidated. The things are like mini-computers, with so many buttons and codes and beeps that I don't quite know what's what.

I bought the cheapest lens I could find, just in case I break it. And I've taken over 400 photos already, mostly multiples of the same thing, so I can decipher what I'm doing.

The gato, dear little Nabi, whose winter coat has grown in, is a fantastic subject for pictures. She's needy and likes me, so she sticks close. The difficult thing is getting her to sit still long enough to snap an un-blurry shot. I managed to get a couple I liked:

Isn't it very "class of 2009"? Her profile would be, "Enjoys fish. Hates the water. Has a louder voice than most dogs. Adorable and very affectionate."

I'm going to try to keep taking lots of photos, and I'm sure my blog will be over-saturated with the questionable fruits of my labor in the months to come. Although, looking back on past posts, I'm already very photo-happy!

A little sick today, a little woozy and disoriented. I think I need to catch up on sleep and get ready for the lightning-fast Thanksgiving to come.