Friday, November 06, 2009


I laughed today. Out loud, at work, while doing decidedly non-work-related things.

I checked out the blogs of two of my family members, my great-aunt and my uncle. Out of all the people in my family that have blogs, I only looked at theirs today.

And perhaps it's the weather, perhaps it's kismet, or perhaps it's just our shared DNA, but all three of us have food posts as our first posts. How I love my family!

My great-aunt is adorable. She is the younger sister of my maternal grandmother, and she is so like my own mother that I cannot help but to love her and want to buy her pounds of coffee beans. She wrote about udon, and even took some lovely photos. This great-aunt of mine, elderly though she is, not only blogs but knows how to upload and resize pictures on her computer. Amazing!

My uncle is one of the many that I have. He is the youngest brother of my mother, the mischievous one that got away with all kinds of trouble as a kid. He wrote about spaghetti. I haven't been to Korea in so long that I have never met this uncle's youngest child. Isn't that sad? I plan on changing this situation as soon as I can- so namely, after this movie is done and I'm free from the hours demanded of me.

I just thought that was funny.

I've been trying hard to continue blogging though my life is filled to the brim with work lately. I feel a bit better and less stressed when I take the time to sit still, organize my thoughts, pick out a few photos, and write about one topic. Or, you know, eighteen topics- whatever's on my mind, really.

Work is work, and I'm sure I'll be using my blog to whine about it soon enough. Today, the coincidence of my family's blogs has me delighted. That's enough for me.