Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sparkling Juice

What the heck, Korea? Why is there this delicious sparkling juice here that I've never seen before in the States? Isn't Tropicana an American company?

Harrumph, I say. I quite like this sparkly beverage, and I'm going to miss it when I'm back home. I haven't been drinking a lot of soda while I've been here, something I'm sure my mother will approve of.

Every once in a while, I'll drink something other than water or coffee. At work, I generally have Martinelli's sparkling apple cider or this Tropicana sparkling apple juice. I love Martinelli's because it reminds me of my family (we always substituted Martinelli's sparkling cider for champagne before my sister and I were able to drink real champagne) and because it's delicious, but this Tropicana stuff is a little less sweet, a little less cloying, which makes it easier to drink.

I was at work until about 2:30 last night (erm, this morning) and am pretty useless today. I remember those good ol' days when I could survive on little or no sleep. Now, I need at least seven hours of sleep (six hours minimum) in order to function normally, without zombie-esque symptoms. I must be getting old.

I may have to work tomorrow, which is a bummer, but I'm not going to work the rest of the long weekend. I have a lot to do! Some sort of gift to buy before I visit my grandfather, figuring out how to get to Seoul without dying in an over-crammed subway car ... and sleeping. I miss sleeping.

Since I live right next to Jeongbalsan Station, and "san" means "mountain," I'm hoping to venture over to Jeongbal Mountain this weekend, maybe see if the trees have started changing colors. It definitely feels like fall, with a chill in the air during the mornings and evenings. My wardrobe, sadly, does not really work for fall. I'm going to have to start layering, and it's going to look peculiar. Oh, well.

Drizzling today, with weather that exactly replicates LA's winter. All I want to do is curl up in bed and watch a crappy American movie.