Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bits and Bobs

Random photos from the long weekend (though I really only got Sunday and Monday off, as I came into work on Saturday and Tuesday):

Army dudes on the subway. Yup, the one on the right is sleeping. I see guys in uniform pretty much daily, as all Korean men have a two-year mandatory army stint, and they seem to get a couple days off here and there. Usually, I always see them carrying things that look like gifts- for the girlfriend or parents, I assume.
The sign stuck to the window made me laugh a little bit. It says 약한방차: 약한 냉방을 원하는 고객일 위한 차량입나다, which means that this particular car is a less-air-conditioned car than the typical (freezing) subway car. It was warmer, I admit, probably at least 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
My first Korean manicure. All these pictures were taken with my iPhone, which is overly saturating all the colors. The color at the tips of my nails is less neon, more of a peachy coral. Very pretty color. I quite like the manicure, except the woman filed my nails crooked, which just tortures me. I will end up taking a nail file to all my nails, but I'm resisting the temptation for now (filing the ends of manicured nails tends to encourage chipping, I've found).

It's almost midnight and I'm at work. Hopefully, it's only crazy busy until tomorrow, and then quiet from Friday. Besides which, I've already purchased a train ticket for Friday night, so I'm leaving no matter what!