Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two Fools Farewell

The movie is dangerously close to wrapping, with just an odd bit or bob every now and again, popping up for us to tackle.

That fact, along with the fact that people are starting to leave the facility, means that we took a long, leisurely lunch today at Two Fools. I've been to that bar several times since I first wrote about it, and I still like it (that's saying a lot).

Lunch was fun, with pub grub (Scotch eggs, corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew) a couple drinks (Guinness and other assorted beer for the boys, a hot toddy for me-- it's cold today, don't judge), and lots of commiserating about our lives (or lack thereof) over the past year.

I will actually miss things about Albuquerque when I leave.

(My hot toddy! That's my work husband and his Guinness, while he looks at the drinks menu. He might have been contemplating a scotch or something.)