Saturday, May 07, 2011

Traveling in 2011

I realize that from my blog, it may appear that I like to travel a lot. And I do. But this love of traveling didn't come about until last year, after Korea and Hawaii. (I still have pictures to post about Korea, Hawaii, and even San Francisco. *shake fist*)

Before last year, I was perfectly happy spending all my free time in California, seeing my parents, seeing my sister, seeing the cat, seeing the bunnies, maybe going to Disneyland, watching some movies, reading a ton of summery books, cooking, eating, and doing nothing. I didn't need to go places. I didn't want to pack a suitcase and get on a plane.

It's so different now. I can't wait to land in a new airport, see new things. Get bug bites from strange insects that I don't recognize.

So my summer of 2011 is shaping up (it all happened this week, really quickly):

June 5 - June 12: Turks and Caicos Islands
June 13 - June 15: Las Vegas

I believe that I'll be in Korea later in the summer, too, but nothing's definite yet for that trip.

It's weird how much I find throwbacks to high school this year- as people are done with this movie and going on vacation, they keep saying "have a great summer," just like they used to sign in yearbooks in school. I feel like I'm getting a 'summer break' this year, though it's really just a break from work.

Hopefully, it really will be a good summer, school or no. I'm glad I'm old enough to drink now, that definitely helps.

Meanwhile, still at work on a Saturday evening. I haven't gone out in a long time, and I still don't feel like it, for whatever reason. I think I'm going to go home and start packing up my winter clothes (in the deluded hopes that the cold weather has left Albuquerque for good this time).