Monday, May 16, 2011


- Annoyed. One of my e-mail accounts was hacked (Hotmail) and has been sending spam to every. single. person. in my address book. I changed my password and reported the idiocy, because I'm hoping that I won't have to close the account. So annoying.

- Just realized yesterday that my parents will be here next week, which means that I'm moving in two weeks. I'm not ready!

- The weather is heating up (finally) and that means that the cockroaches are back. Shudder. Albuquerque has giant cockroaches, and the ones that make it past the pesticide around my apartment are the monstrous, mutated ones that could eat pet cats. I'm actually afraid of them and have a can of super-duty spray on the ready, to drown them if I see them.

- Stayed out late on Saturday night. I'm still tired. I think this means I'm getting old.

- The movie is almost done!!