Monday, February 07, 2011

Busy Bee

Updates, updates!

I've been busy, like the proverbial bee.

Not just work (for once), but also because a couple people that I work pretty closely with were here last week, to check out our Albuquerque office. It was nice having them, but they were here through the weekend, which meant that I went out on the obligatory "let's go out" events on Friday and Saturday nights.

After a full day of work on Saturday, I was frustrated and pooped. After I got home around 3:00 a.m., I was wired and wide awake (I got home late because I drove a few people home. And one of those people was so drunk that he got us lost on the way to his own house).

Superbowl Sunday was spent working for a couple hours, then deciding on a whim to make jambalaya. I'm crazy with I'm tired. I simmered the jambalaya while I fast-forwarded through the game, watching some of the commercials, mocking the half-time show, and lamenting Lea Michele's pants (I can't talk about Christian Aguilera's hair right now, it makes my head hurt to think about).

(For the record- I rooted for the Steelers because I am, and always will be, irrationally supportive of Korean people. Hines Ward is half-Korean, so....)

I didn't do anything productive yesterday (other than making a potful of jambalaya, which was spicy and delicious), yet I still tossed and turned and didn't sleep until after 3:00 in the morning. I've got issues to resolve.

Anyway. Have you heard of Thing A Day? It takes place during the month of February (the mercifully short month of February; please make time go faster) and it's basically a bunch of people doing at least one "thing" a day. I thought about doing it, but I'm too busy to even blog, so there was little to no chance that I would be a good Thing-A-Day'er. My sister's been thinging away, which is good- she had a bunch of stuff she wanted to do around her house, and this is a great kick in the rear, if you have the time.

I have been freakishly craving murgh makhani, so maybe that will be my "thing" one of the days this week, when I get out of work early enough to visit the store (everything closes early in Albuquerque).

Nothing interesting happening here. Still cold, but at least it's out of the sub-zero temperatures (never thought I'd be grateful for that). I have thankfully not caught the bug that others are hacking away from at the moment (knock on wood), although I think many of them just have the Superbowl flu.