Friday, September 18, 2009

Tim Burton is My Hero

MoMA is putting on a retrospective for Tim Burton (previous link is for the gallery exhibition, this one is for the film exhibition) from November 22, 2009 through April 26, 2010. I really, really, REALLY want to go! This show will be over by then, I have friends in New York ... I'm crossing my fingers and hoping the stars align to make it happen.

So Mr. Burton art directed a photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar (photos below). Whether it was for publicity ("Alice in Wonderland" comes out on March 5!) or ego-stroking, the results are fabulous. I think Hayao Miyazaki is completely in touch with the child's dream-state that we all have, while Tim Burton is in tune with the child's creepy-crawly nightmare-state that we all have. I love them both for it.

Left: Louis Vuitton (dress, hairpin, and necklace), Gucci (belt and booties).
Right: Jean Paul Gaultier Atelier (gown, by special order), CC Skye (cuffs), Yves Saint Laurent (pumps).

I think it's a play on "Alice in Wonderland," perhaps the Mad Hatter, who has orange hair in Tim Burton's version. I love the giant bones. I love the moody sky with the bright flowers.

Atelier Versace (dress), Alexis Bittar (necklace), Giorgio Armani (gloves), Louis Vuitton (boots).

Don't the props look like imaginings from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"? While I love the photos, I don't like the flat lighting, I feel like it should be moodier. And the clothes work, but are not ever, EVER pieces that I would want to own. Or even try on.

Left: Salvatore Ferragamo (coat), Tao Comme des Garcons (dress and shoes).
Right: Rodarte (jacket and gloves), Phi (pants), Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte (boots).

Probably my favorite photo. I think that Edward Scissorhands looks fantastic, broken, frail, all the things that made the character so weird and lovable and repulsive. Moody sky and red, red flowers really help this one, though again, I'm not a fan of the flat lighting.

Left: Yohji Yamamoto (pajamas and slippers).
Right: Oscar de la Renta (gown), Calvin Klein (bra).

A lovely cross between "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Alice in Wonderland," with Tim Burton as Jack Skellington as Santa Claus and a woman in the role of the Knave of Hearts. Aesthetically, this looks like it could be in "Alice in Wonderland."

Nina Ricci (gown with jacket and boots), Carolina Amato (gloves).

Perhaps this one is the Queen of Hearts? With a little "Corpse Bride" thrown in? I love the orderly rows of flowers and the incongruously giant skeleton. No garden is complete without an enormous skeleton dangling over the roses!

As far as clothes go, I love the gown. It's definitely a gown and not a dress, and while ruffly, not reminiscent of flamenco. I like gowns with jackets when done right, it's a nice contrast.

Giorgio Armani (sequined top and gloves), Emilio Cavallini (lace bodysuit), Rigby & Peller (briefs), Yves Saint Laurent (shoes).

Nothing to say. I don't like the clothes or the backdrop. I do like the ribcage, but that's not enough to save this one for me. The fact that someone actually made a lace bodysuit makes me sad. Please, please, can we leave the 80's where they belong? In the past?

Jean Paul Gaultier (jacket, top), Balmain (jacket (bottom) and skirt), Shona Heath (headpiece), Wolford (fishnets), Nina Ricci (boots).

I know people don't agree, but I love these shoes. Well, the idea of these shoes- I like that they have no heel, for some reason. Fashion is magic!

I even love the ratty bunny ears, with the orange hair poking out.

What I do not love is the model's left hand. It looks like something is protruding out of her middle, alien-esque and supremely unattractive.

Tim Burton, able to make fun of himself. I like the clown costume, it looks like a toy from "The Nightmare Before Christmas." I love that movie.

I also like how it looks as if Tim Burton's just slain the skeleton he's standing above.

The backdrop was ugly in the previous lace bodysuit picture, and it's still ugly now. What is the point of that thing?

Chanel (dress and hat), Atsuko Kudo (latex stockings).

I don't like this one. All the beiges and yellows clashing with the orange hair ... and washing the whole photo out. Ugly. There's a haute way to work with twigs and weeds, but this ain't it.

I kind of want some latex stockings, though. How they would be taken off, I have no bloody blue.

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci (dress and sandals), Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen (headpiece), Gerbe (tights).

I love the mummy but not the ... emu person thing. I love the peachy-pink roses, the skeleton-as-purse, and the fact that even mummies can accessorize.

Alexander McQueen (dress, hat, boots), Giorgio Armani (gloves).

This one is so outlandish that I love it. I think she's the Queen of Hearts? Perhaps in mourning, after she chops off her husband's head?

Dolce & Gabbana (dress, bra, briefs), Cornelia James (gloves), Wolford (tights), Yves Saint Laurent (shoes).

This has a lovely, almost sephia look to it. The blacks are dusty, the roses are peach rather than red. Even the hair is less violently orange. It's a Tim Burton version of a vintage portrait, I think.

Ralph Lauren Collection (cape and gown).

"Corpse Bride" and her skeletal husband. Beautiful.

Plus, she has a CAPE. Is there anything better than a CAPE?? (Unless you're a superhero, of course- Edna Mode would not approve!)

I like to be inspired, and while words are always good (I read a lot for this express purpose), there's something about photos that serves a completely different part of the brain.

I love that I am working on Tim Burton's movie right now. Hopefully I remember this a few months from now when I'm at work around the clock!


Anonymous,  October 31, 2009 at 9:02 PM  

i think u r talkin about tim walker darling

jeanny October 31, 2009 at 9:13 PM  

Tim Walker is an amazing photographer, yes. But I was admiring Tim Burton's styling of the shoot.

Both Tims are fantastic, no argument here.