Monday, August 03, 2009

Long Overdue...

I'm so sorry, blog of mine, I have been such a neglectful blogger!

I don't mean to be, of course. I didn't mean to be at all, I meant to blog a ton and write up all the places that I'd been over the past few weeks ... but you know what they say about good intentions and hell.

My last day on "G-Force" was July 17 and my first day on "Alice in Wonderland" was today, which means that between the two shows, I had a nice two-week-long summer break.

And what a summer break it was!

Between the three trips to Disneyland and California Adventure, the several news bars I've frequented, the several old bars I've re-visited, and the many things in between, I'm more exhausted from my vacation than I was while I was working!

I went out almost every night in the past two weeks and learned something crucial that I've always known but usually chosen to ignore:

Going out does not equal having fun.

One of the best stretches of time was spent with a friend in the early afternoon, learning to play South Dakota Rummy (supposedly a real card game) at Psychobabble Coffeehouse. The night before, a new friend taught me how to play Texas Hold 'Em (I don't remember how to paly that one, though). Another memorable afternoon was spent learning to drive a friend's stick-shift car (he's still speaking to me, thankyouverymuch) and freaking out when I stalled on Sepulveda. The greatest thing I did? Went and got my hair cut with another friend, who has had long hair all her life. Mine got a few inches shorter, hers got about eight inches shorter. Exciting! She looks adorable! Yummy dinner at an izakaya afterwards!

All the partying and the bar-hopping has become something of a blur to me, not much more than a string of hazy memories. But those distinct events will stay with me.

I am going to try to blog more diligently from here on out, because I think blogging in the past has helped me make sense of things. The very act of putting words down and forming (semi-)coherent sentences forces thoughts to become somewhat organized in my brain first, which I appreciate greatly.

And yes, I did just say that I am working on "Alice in Wonderland."

Also, I am delighted that "G-Force" did so well in the first two weekends! Almost $67 million in two weeks is a great number, and that's just domestic.



william August 4, 2009 at 2:36 AM  

i have no interest in seeing g-force (sorry!) but i am hella excited about 'alice in wonderland.' i can't believe you get to see the entire thing before everyone else does. very cool. not all tim burton films are great, but they almost never look boring. so jealous.

jeanny August 4, 2009 at 2:19 PM  

I actually didn't watch "Sweeney Todd," but my love of "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Edward Scissorhands" enables me to forgive Tim Burton of anything (including "Sleepy Hollow"- blaaaah).

It's going to be good!!

(I haven't seen "G-Force" yet, why should you??)