Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Social Butterfly

Somehow, I find that the more I do, the more I want to do. I'm really appreciating it right now, though, because it's making me love this city again.

Also, it's been as HOT as Hades lately and most of the activities I have pursued involve air-conditioning or very cold drinks.

Since my last post, I had the following social appointments:

- Dinner with a good friend at Kanpai (good but over-priced)
- Thursday night concert at the Santa Monica Pier (Joan Baez, anyone?)
- House party for a friend that's moving to New York (I bought tacos from Sky's for the vegetarians- worst website ever)
- Shopping at the Beverly Center
- Picked up my paternal grandmother and one of my cousins from LAX
- Went shopping with said cousin at the Cerritos Mall

Let's start with Kanpai. Delicious good, great company, excellent photos of Paris (so jealous!), decent glass of wine. YUM.

Honestly, I had never heard of Joan Baez. She was good, though. There were THOUSANDS of people on the pier and the beach. I mean ... wow. The weather was lovely, the sunset was picturesque, and I had a margarita at Rusty's afterward. All good.

The house party was great. I haven't seen all my Rhythm and Hues friends in a long time, so it was great to see them (drunk). I miss them.

My paternal grandmother has six children. My father is the oldest. His siblings were born in proper order- boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl.

Girl #1, Girl #2, and Boy #3 live on the east coast (Maryland, Maryland, Pennsylvania, respectively), and my grandmother's been over there for a month or so, bouncing between houses.

She came out here to see my family, the lone west coasters. The cousin that came with her is the only child of Boy #3 (and the spitting image of his father). I've been busy with the entertaining of visiting family members, which should get better since the cousin is now at his friend's house in Moreno Valley and the grandmother has her daughter-in-law (my long-suffering mother) to keep her company.

Back to Philly they go on Friday morning, so it's not even a long visit. And then my grandmother goes back in Korea in a month, where she lives with the only sibling still living there, Boy #2.

I promised Boy #3's wife, one of my favorite aunts, that I would go visit "soon." I refuse to go to the east coast during the humid months. Perhaps in October? I can go visit my friend that's moving to New York then, as well... hmm...

Going to the Hollywood Bowl tonight for some Mozart and a LOT of people crammed into one small space (okay, it's not small. But it FEELS small when there are a bajillion people stuffed in there!).

Tomorrow night, a friend's spinning in West Hollywood (you know, where the city flag is a rainbow?) at Palihouse. Hopefully it's fun.

My sister is off to San Diego on Thursday to prepare for Comic Con (not by choice, she works at a videogame company!) so I'm staying at her house and rabbit-sitting for Gouda, the most finicky bunny I've ever met. He's also adorable, so it's okay. What is not adorable? My sister sending me tons of e-mails with very long documents attached about the condition of rabbit poops and the likes and dislikes of bunnies. Oy.

I believe I'm going to trivia at Cock 'n Bull in Santa Monica on Thursday night (AFTER taking care of le rabbit, of course) and then some as-yet-undetermined bar on Friday night.

Good thing I'm sleeping with my eyes open at work right now. I need the rest.