Monday, July 16, 2012


Today, I miss home. For the last few (rough) days, I've been thinking about and missing my old life, my original life.

I miss carne asada nachos. I miss Mexican food in all its incarnations right now, the craving's terrible. I miss proper margaritas on the rocks with salt around the rim of the glass. I miss real limes, those tiny little green bombs of lip-puckering sourness. I miss corn tortillas (and I never even really liked corn tortillas!), especially in enchilada form.

I miss my old company. I miss the people, the system, the ease with which I could navigate my workdays.

Most of all, I miss my family and my friends. People make the place.

Korea is going to be missed once I leave, too. In the last few difficult days, I have realized how much some of these people mean to me. They have rallied 'round and really made me feel loved, feel accepted, feel absolutely adored.

Why did I always think that life was going to be easy when I hit thirty? I guess it just means I still (STILL!) have a lot to learn. Dangit.