Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Cafe Lemon Table, Ilsan

Cafe Lemon Table
Janghang-Dong Ilsan-Dong-Gu Goyang-Si Gyeonggi-Do 868
Western Dom B #221

Telephone: 031.902.2305

경기도 고양시 일산동구 장항동 868번지 웨스턴돔B동 221호

All week:
11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Cafe Lemon Table is a funny place because it says up front, with a sign near the door, that the food will take twenty minutes to prepare.

Koreans are not a patient breed of people- they expect to walk into a restaurant, peruse the menu for all of sixty seconds, place their order in the following twenty seconds, and have their food piping hot and on the table within five minutes. And that's the way it is in most Korean establishments, as Korean food can be prepped ahead of time to be very quickly served.

Lemon Table is not a Korean place. Their food takes a little while (though not twenty whole minutes) to get to the customers. But it's pretty good, and their bread makes it worth the wait.

The bread is fattening and served with honey. The honey comes in a little dish with a face on it. That face is the face I make when I think of how much butter must be in their bread, which practically oozes with fat. Delicious, delicious fat. Mmmmm.
That's a normal pasta (note how much sauce there is- Koreans really love to over-sauce their pasta. I like very little sauce, because I prefer the noodles, so eating pasta has been tough here at times) and pizza that you're supposed to eat with a fork or spoon. Why? Because the pizza is so gloopy, so full of melted (fake) cheese, so overly topped that the crust cannot handle the weight of its load.

Lemon Table isn't extraordinary, not by any means. But the ambience is nice, the restaurant is clean and well-decorated, their service is good (service in Korea surpasses American service, in general) and when I'm in the mood for (fake) cheese, I think of this place.

Again, I don't have pizza or pasta all that frequently in Korea, but when I want it, I do have it. Sometimes a girl just needs some (fake) cheese to make herself feel better or to celebrate some small something!

My brain's not working well enough for a clever segue, so here's my abrupt change of topic:

Last night, I went with two girlfriends to watch "The Cabin in the Woods." That movie was TERRIFYING at moments and HILARIOUS in adjacent moments.

I've been watching thriller, suspense, and horror movies lately, which confuses me because I've never really liked them. I watched "Faces in the Crowd" a couple weeks ago, which scared me (I'm a wimp!) and wasn't that good.

I watched "The Shining" over the weekend for the first time (Jack Nicholson ... holy crap!) which I had to keep muting. (When I watch scary movies, I'd rather see it than hear it, so I tend to put my fingers in my ears and try to block out the screams and the suspenseful music.)

What is it about Korea that's got me changing so much? Is it adaptation or is it conformation?

At least the long working hours haven't changed...? It's one aspect of my personality that won't be changing, at least not until I move to Italy or France or some other like-minded laissez-faire society.

More food posts soon!