Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The Easter basket that I received from the family included lots of snacks from my sister (as well as one stingy tube of Korean pre-mixed instant coffee).

I had the Yan Yan yesterday, which is a delightful but achingly sweet snack of crisp cookie sticks and a flavored dip. The dip in my Yan Yan was strawberry.

I've had Yan Yan before, and I'm sure I'll have it again, but the thing about this particular package was that the cookie sticks had funny sayings on them, with cute little pictures of animals. According to Wikipedia, they say:

    * Balloon - Goes Pop
    * Bat - Only In The Night
    * Beetle - Lucky Colour: Brown
    * Cat - Say Meow
    * Chick - Lucky Color: Yellow
    * Chicken - Kokekokko
    * Chicken - Kokekokko
    * Cow - Muuuuu
    * Cow - Muuuuu
    * Duck - Go For A Swim
    * Elephant - Jumbo
    * Fox - Beware Of Lies
    * Frog - Amphibian
    * Giraffe - Tallest Mammal
    * Goat - You Are Lucky Today
    * Golden Egg
    * Golden Log
    * Horse - Gallop Away
    * Kettle - Goes Ssss
    * Mole - In A Hole
    * Mouse - Do Not Be Timid
    * Octopus - Lucky Number: 8
    * Owl - Active At Night
    * Panda - Go for More
    * Rabbit - Eat More Carrots
    * Rhinoceros - Think Big
    * Seal - Loves To Sun Tan
    * Sheep - Wool Sweaters
    * Snail - Snail Mail?
    * Squid - Black Ink
    * Squirrel - Your Best Friend
    * Stag Beetle - Love It
    * Starfish - Star+Fish
    * Tam Ho Yan - Baaaaaa
    * Whale - Biggesy [sic] Mammal
    * Zebra - Herbivore

You do not, of course, receive all of the messages. There aren't that many cookies in the package. I cracked up yesterday because of my favorite one:

Due to an inside joke with my sister, "kkokkokkokkokko" means any type of bird, squawking or calling. We're crazy, yes.

I'm going through some sort of weirdness right now, as is usual for me near the end of movies. I can't sleep, I have no motivation, and I want to leave Albuquerque.

I'm done with this city, and really am ready to move on with my life. I don't yet know what I'm going to be doing with said life, but I do know that my future is not in Albuquerque.

Time for something new. I wish I could discuss my various options here, but since I can't, I've been asking my family their opinions and going through a variety of scenarios in my head. I'm sure I will figure it out, and hopefully figure it out soon.