Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brie the Bunny

This is, in some ways, a sequel to Gouda the Bunny.

Since the post about little Gouda, he's grown into quite the little terror. Over three pounds of stubborn fluff, he's got my sister's personality and affection. Very cute, but a sneaky nibbler of pant hems and shoes (the rabbit, not my sister).

Gouda and my sister have been a fine family of two, but the sister decided to expand. Pretending that bunnies are children, I told her what I'd heard so many times- "two kids aren't twice as much work, they're four times as much work." Now, I have no children at all, so what would I know?

My sister, being who she is, ignored us all and adopted a new little girl bunny, re-named promptly to Baby Brie. I suggested Brie a long time ago for a girl bunny (along with Camembert and Gorgonzola, which were rejected because they were too long and hard to pronounce for the Koreans in our lives), so I was delighted that Brie became Brie.

I haven't met this little bundle of fur yet, but is she not adorable??

With Gouda, who is smitten. They had to be kept apart for a long time because Brie was fixed just before she went home with my sister. I love her color and her big doe eyes, plus those little adorable ears!
Fluffy white cottontail, plus a good view of how long and flat bunnies can be when they want. They're usually tensed into round little balls, but when they're hot or tired or relaxed, they get all loooong and streeetchy. I love when Gouda scoots out his little green-bottomed feet and lounges.
I think she looks rather chipmunk-y here. My sister has pretty small hands, so this photo seems like a good indication of how small wee Brie is. Smaller than Gouda, but big enough to not seem like a mouse.
If you've ever seen a chinchilla in person, this is exactly what they look like! This is a very versatile bunny- she can masquerade as a chinchilla, a giant rodent, a chipmunk- Gouda doesn't have that kind of range.
Short and squat and sweet. I love Gouda's nose, and I think I'll love Brie's, too. Rabbits have the softest, downy fur on their nose. Gouda closes his eyes when I rub his nose, and the frenetic twitching of his nose slows down as he melts into a mush of rabbit fur.
My favorite photo that I've received of Brie (so far). It's blurry, but she looks so cute here! Very typical bunny pose, with a curiosity that reminds me of a cat.

I can't wait to meet this newest member of the family. She can't be any more neurotic than Gouda ... can she?

My sister is slowly turning into a crazy rabbit lady, I fear, but at least they're clean and sweet and don't make any noise, so I'm fully supportive.

Writing this post almost made me want to adopt my own little bun, but I'm definitely not ready to be responsible for a living creature. Maybe after I move back from Albuquerque...