Friday, May 07, 2010

Off, Off, and Away

It's been busy lately, not with work, but with settling into Albuquerque and getting my brain put together. I'm still slightly sick from altitude-itis, so have been running about 80% speed, which means everything takes longer. My memory is suffering from this strange phenomenon, making trips to the store interesting, since I seem to forget about half the stuff I need to buy.

All in all, these have been hectic but productive weeks here in New Mexico. So, of course, I'm going to tear myself away from here and go back to LA for a while! Just when I was getting used to things...

I'm going to work out of the LA facility for a week or two, depending on how things go, and then mosey on back to New Mexico.

It's so strange being here, because I literally don't know anybody. There's no chance of me running into someone I know on the street or in a store or whatever, and that's an odd sensation. In LA, I was forever seeing people I knew no matter what hole-in-the-wall place I went to. I kind of miss those spontaneous moments; they were fun.

I'll be home just in time for Mother's Day, but I sent my mom flowers today. She e-mailed me photos, because she's a pretty awesomely tech-savvy baby boomer:

Pretty cute, I think. I love tulips, and I think my mom likes them, too. I don't know why, but I stopped buying roses for my mother a few years ago. Maybe when I started to get roses? I think with the emphasis placed on roses for Valentine's Day, it seems like a more romantic flower. Tulips are bright, cheery, and seem to last longer than roses do, so they're what I go with.

Slightly worrying to me lately is the fact that I don't speak in Korean to anyone around here. I don't see my family for hours at a time. I feel like I'm losing my grasp of Korean, slowly but surely. This can't be good. I have to stockpile up on my Korean while I'm in LA.

I have a long roadtrip ahead of me this weekend, but I think it'll be peaceful and calm and hopefully even relaxing. Blogging from my phone will probably follow shortly.